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Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump Delivers Remarks at the 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report Launch Ceremony. Ivanka is standing at a podium she is wearing a grey skirt suit.

Twisted and Sick Media Attacks on Ivanka Trump

There have been a lot of media attacks on Ivanka Trump, pretty much from the beginning of her father’s campaign.  Working in the public eye, whether as a politician, an entertainer or even as an entrepreneur, you learn to take the good with the bad. The bad being a lot of harsh sentiments tossed at the Trump administration, and the worst being hurled directly at the Tump family themselves.

The media attacks on Ivanka Trump seem to stem from mainly two groups: there are the angry comedians and the legacy media bias.

There’s no need to repeat any of the hateful speech from the mostly female comedians you probably never heard of prior to their widely broadcast commentary. Ivanka Trump at the Winter Olympics she is wearing a "USA" ski cap and a red jacket, she is smiling and she looks very happy. Michelle Wolf made her comments at the White House Correspondents Dinner, an event President Trump refuses to attend.  Samantha Bee made her profane comments on her cable show, Full Frontal.

In both cases even the liberal media said those kind of attacks went way too far. Samantha Bee and the TBS network that airs her show were pushed into making apologies.  However, Michelle Wolf took Samantha’s side saying critics did not understand where Samantha’s comments were coming from.

More subdued, but also on the attack, are the legacy media bias comments toward Ivanka; mostly commenting unfavorably on her perceived lack of qualifications and nepotism.

Ivanka works as an unpaid Senior White House advisor to her father, President Donald Trump.

Among Ivanka’s achievements: she worked to help secure congressional votes and public support for the Republican tax plan, including pushing for expansion of the childhood tax credit.  She has championed paid family leave. She was involved in roundtable discussions with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Her father credits Ivanka for playing a key role in achieving historic tax cuts and reforms.  She also served as the president’s envoy in South Korea.

The legacy media bias has berated her for having influence and access to the president as a family member; yet, at the same time, they insist Ivanka should use her influence in a way the liberal media want.

The media wants Ivanka to push on issues such as climate change, gun control and abortion.

Ivanka makes it clear that she does not always agree with her father on all the issues, but as a member of his staff, she will not publicly speak against the president.

Ivanka is her own person and cringes whenever the legacy media bias tries to meld her and her husband, Jared Kushner, into one entity.  They are separate people with separate responsibilities in the administration.

Through it all, Ivanka takes the high road, defending her actions and statements where necessary and ignoring the rest.