President Trump waling accross the white house lawn on a sunny day, he is wearing a blue suit and a red tie, he is smiling after hearing the unemployment rate is at 3.8% with his arms spread palms up.

This Website Is Dedicated To Re-Elect President Trump Tuesday, November 3, 2024

We Must Keep Our Focus To Re-Elect President Trump Tuesday, November 3, 2024

The high unemployment rate among minority citizens over the years is not a secret.  Now, a new report from the Labor Department shows the haze of unemployment for minorities is slowly beginning to clear.

“Black unemployment fell to 6.6 percent in April, the lowest in data dating back to 1972, while the jobless rate among Hispanics dipped to 4.8 percent, matching the lowest on record. Source- Labor Department

Every election cycle politicians from all sides make promises and tout plans for improving jobs, especially for minority groups.

Once in office, the various parties argue about what is the best way to grow employment opportunities for everyone, but especially among the minorities.  And, not surprisingly, these same politicians always end in a stalemate.

It appears as though they never actually want to take any action; after all, what would they have to campaign about during the next election cycle?  And so, term after term, there has been little to no progress in reducing unemployment among minorities.

One cannot reasonably argue with the latest data as unemployment rates for Black and Hispanics are at record lows.

How did the unemployment rate for minorities drop to such a low level?

Along comes Donald Trump, pushing through the posturing and politicking; negotiating, perhaps even pressuring, the Republican slight majority to put policies into action: lowering taxes and providing incentives for businesses, large and small.

There are plenty liberals who are saying this is a fluke and will not last or the numbers do not mean what they obviously do mean.  But these numbers have conservatives cheering.

Certainly this is just a start, barely a beginning, but it gives hope and shows the possibility, the potential.  It gives rise to more individuals within the minority groups considering it would not be such a bad idea to re-elect President Trump if he has made such a difference comparatively early in his first term.

There is more work yet to do in Washington.  Perhaps, most important for increasing employment, is to make education more accessible to those who cannot afford it, allowing them to be better prepared to enter the job market.

And yet, a small step is a step; it shows the possibility and gives light where before there was none.  It gives hope and may give a few among the minorities, just a few perhaps, to consider, in 2024 that it may be to their benefit to re-elect President Trump.

There is much work yet to do, this isn’t the end of the fight for better job opportunities but the possibilities are opening up.