An image of president trump at a rally and he is holding a boy around the age of 2 with a suit on and his hair styled like the president, he is smiling and looking towards the camera and everyone else is laughing and smiling.

DEM Words, REP Actions

If you have been watching the polls you have seen how support of President Trump is growing within the black community.  It would appear the Democrats are their own enemy when as they seek out the black vote.

During the campaign trail in 2016, Hillary Clinton addressed The NAACP’s annual conference in Cincinnati. She said, the truth is, we need to plan how we’re going to address the complex set of economic, social and political challenges we face.  That is to say, the truth was, she had no plan at the time on how to address such challenges.

Here we are, not a complete two years into President Trump’s first term in office. And already he has addressed the “complex set of economic, social and political challenges” faced by the African American community by lowering taxes and creating jobs.

Mrs. Clinton was intent on spending $125 billion for “targeted investments” to, among other issues, “create better jobs” †. President Trump reduced taxes; now there are plenty of jobs and the taxpayers saved a Clinton expense of $125 billion.

With prison reform, President Trump is calling for the training and education of individuals while in prison so they are equipped to find work when released.  When former prisoners are able to find work, the recidivism rate for those individuals is lowered.

This is not lost among the black community.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton addressed The NAACP’s annual conference in Cincinnati. Talking about white people, she said, “We need to recognize our privilege and practice humility.  We all need to try as best we can… to imagine what it would be like to sit our son or daughter down and have the talk about how carefully they need to act around police.” *

Now why would she say this to a group of African Americans?  Was she actually asking them to imagine a white person imagining they were black?

Joe Biden, who many in the Democratic Party are hoping will run against President Trump in 2024, has slammed the Republican Party as being racist. But, in the days before political correctness, he had made his share of racist comments.

Black individuals are hearing through the noise that the Democratic Party has been using. Democrats use them as talking points to wrangle their votes. And the votes of those sympathetic to their causes, but, all the while, once in office, these same Democrat politicians make no effort for change.

Now the party of Obama’s favorite president, Abraham Lincoln, is effecting change for the better, with job growth and reduced taxes.  Fewer African Americans need to collect Food Stamps.  And, one by one, individuals within the black community are supporting our current president and they will cast their vote for him during the next election.