As America watched the Benghazi investigation unfold, it became clear that Secretary Clinton had mishandled classified information. While Clinton attested that using a personal mobile device and a home server to store information vital to national security was merely a “convenience,” improper storage of classified material is against the law and has led to the indictment of numerous public officials.

In August 2015, the FBI embarked on a detailed investigation into the Clinton email scandal. Yet despite the evidence against Hillary Clinton, FBI head James Comey decided that Secretary Clinton had merely been “extremely careless” rather than “grossly negligent” in her handling of classified information, clearing her of criminal wrongdoing.

Comey came to this conclusion after questioning Clinton behind closed doors on the Fourth of July weekend in 2016. The FBI did not record the session and did not require that Clinton testify under oath.

However, citing new evidence found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, Comey briefly reopened the email investigation just weeks before the November 8, 2016, presidential election. In the end, Comey stuck to his original conclusion but not before casting serious aspersions on Clinton’s candidacy.

Since then, troubling questions have been raised about the roles played by two top FBI officials, Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe, in Clinton’s exoneration. The Justice Department reopened the Clinton email investigation in January 2018 after it was revealed that Strzok had been responsible for changing the language in Comey’s July 5, 2016, statement to save Secretary Clinton from criminal charges.[2]

McCabe is suspected of delaying the investigation into the files found on Weiner’s laptop for as long as possible. Both agents have been shown on numerous occasions to have engaged in partisan politics unbefitting of their stations.

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