10 The Benghazi Investigation

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On September 11, 2012, the United States diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked by Islamic extremists. Originally billed as a spontaneous protest triggered by a video critical of Muslims, it was later revealed that the Benghazi attack was actually planned well in advance.[1]

An image of president trump at a rally and he is holding a boy around the age of 2 with a suit on and his hair styled like the president, he is smiling and looking towards the camera and everyone else is laughing and smiling.The date chosen for this brutal attack, which took the lives of four Americans, hardly seems like a coincidence. It’s also decidedly odd that the State Department chose to task a little-known British security company named Blue Mountain with handling the protection of the Benghazi mission.

At the time that they were awarded their diplomatic security contract by the State Department, Blue Mountain had no employees in the Benghazi region. They hired 20 local men to do the job, requiring minimal background checks and providing hardly any training. Some sources have suggested that members of the Blue Mountain security team abandoned their posts during the attack and may have even participated in the killings of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

As the head of the State Department at the time, Hillary Rodham Clinton was tasked with the protection of American diplomats stationed abroad. Why the Clinton State Department chose Blue Mountain over dozens of far more qualified and reputable security companies remains a mystery.

But what’s certain is that Clinton’s negligence in handling security in Benghazi was noted by several prominent Republican lawmakers. Also, an FBI investigation into the Benghazi attacks is ongoing.

However, despite evidence that Secretary Clinton’s choices led to the loss of American lives, the FBI has not charged her with any crimes. Perhaps this is a sign of corruption at the highest levels of the FBI, or perhaps both the public and the FBI simply became distracted by the scandal which reared its ugly head from the wake of the Benghazi proceedings: Clinton’s illegal use of a private server to store classified material.

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