FBI, intelligence agencies, “Justice” lol department continue treason against the United States and the U.S. Constitution.

And it still goes on, the FBI, the intelligence agencies, and the entire “Justice” lol department continue their treason against the United States and our Constitution ans especially the Bill of Rights.

The list of Traitors is Growing
David Via 12-19-2018

Criminals like the Clintons, Rob Rosenstien,  Susan Rice, James Comey, Peter Strzok, John Brennan, Robert Mueller, Loretta Lynch and James Clapper continuePresident Trump and Vice President Pence on stage together they are both smiling and look very happy to lie at every opportunity to the American people. This group of traitors should be tried, convicted and executed tomorrow, NO TODAY! These fools actually think our Constitution is a joke and can be ignored at will.

After all the firings at the FBI, leaving it impotent and disgraced for what may be for generations they still continue to act as though they are above all law and can commit any crime they see fit to perpetuate. The FBI continue to use tactics reminiscent of the Gestapo including lying, threatening innocent people, threatening family members, Criminal seizures and illegal searches. Basically these pigs do whatever they want until they are fired.

I see it’s time for another house cleaning at the FBI, Justice Dept. and the “Intelligence” lol agencies. These fools are too stupid to realize what has been happening to their comrades will soon be visited upon them.

And the damage these fools have done to law enforcement and the rule of law is incalculable, from every small town to large city, respect for law enforcement and the rule of law in general has had irreparable harm done to it accross the nation.

If We Do Nothing To These Traitors

And if we choose to do nothing History will look back on these traitors and ask why were they not convicted and executed. There can be no doubt that along with the treasonis legacy media these government traitors and those behind them continue today to attack our freedom, our country and all Americans who believe in Democracy and the rule of law as stated in our constitution.

10 Disturbing Signs That The FBI Is Corrupt


The FBI is tasked with ensuring the safety of US citizens from domestic threats such as terrorism, organized crime, and corruption of public office. As such, the FBI is imbued with certain special powers that make this organization a truly formidable force. For instance, the FBI is one of a handful of federal agencies that has the legal authority to kick down your door at any moment and have you on the ground faster than you can say “Uncle Sam.”

It’s vitally important that an organization as powerful as the FBI be kept on a short leash of public accountability at all times. Given the chance to overrun its mandate, the agency could quickly transform from a defender of the weak into a malignant force of oppression.

But what if the FBI has already run amok and is now a puppet of special interests driven by anti-American agendas? If these recent telling signs of corruption in the FBI are truly indicative of widespread misconduct, then America may have a constitutional crisis on its hands.