The Individual Vote

Black Republicans or not, it does not matter who you are, there is some ideology or belief you hold which you may not feel comfortable sharing with others for fear of how you will be perceived; this is true when it comes to the personal, and even divisive, individual vote.

Couple this with the fact that Democratic voters are less likely to vote along party lines compared to Republicans: when it is time to vote, Democrats, in general, are less concerned about the party than they are about specific issues. And for every individual the issues are unique, and at times, private.

People who are vocally identified as a Democrat are, at the same time, not always voting along the party line. This is especially true among minority voters.

Within the black community, one of the most controversial decisions one can act upon is to vote Republican. And the more controversial still: supporting President Trump.

Black Republican Poll NumbersSeveral Supportes of President Trump at a rally and cheering wildly, they all look very excited and happy.

However, as the days roll on, Black Republicans poll numbers quietly rise. A few percentage points among black voters at a time, more Black Americans are supporting President Trump. The poll results have steadily crept up to double-digit support and are near 20% currently.

Because of the deceitful and partisan, mainstream legacy media, (abc, cbs, nbc and the king of fake news, cnn), people from all walks of life have been made to feel insecure. Or even fearful of admitting out loud they are Black Republicans and supporters of President Trump, yet they look forward to casting their vote to Re-elect President Trump in 2024.

President Trump speaks tough and has been taken out of context, falsely accused of being racist; yet Black Americans who have worked with him prior to his presidency have remained a friend.  They would have denounced him long ago if they thought for a moment he was racist.

The president has done so much for the people of this country, for ALL people.  His policies have generated economic growth and the creation of so many jobs that the unemployment rate is now so low, there is a shortage of workers in many fields.

This means fewer individuals are in the Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP), better known as Food Stamps.

Individuals within the black community are experiencing these positive effects firsthand. They cannot deny employment opportunities are improving and they are beginning to vote more Republican.

*Historically, throughout the 1800s all black members of Congress were Republican.  It wasn’t until 1902 when that shifted and they became Democrats, with the exception of one black Republican in 1929, Oscar Stanton De Priest.  In 1991 there was Gary Franks; in 1995 there was J. C. Watts.

Since 2011 elections have begun to pick up steam for black Republican politicians: Tim Scott and Allen West were elected into office.  And now, since 2015, currently in office are Will Hurd and Mia Love.

The Trump Effect

One by one, black individuals are leaving the Democratic Party as they become more aware of President Trump’s true agenda. And come to the realization that over the past 50 years the democrat party has done more to keep minorities living in poverty, than it has done to provide opportunities that will lift them above the poverty level. The democrat party has fostered the beliefs that blacks are victims of white privilege as you hear democrats, socialists and fascists repeat over and over again.

But now the truth is obvious and is being shouted throughout the nation! President Trump wants everyone to succeed, no matter the color of their skin!

It’s a new day in America and the socialist democrat party and legacy media is terrified their lies will no longer work to separate us.